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Importance of Making Unique Art

By Donnie G. Henderson / March 13, 2018

As an artist who wants to make it in this world, you have to have some type of unique skill. And be quite talented at the art that you are creating. If you think that you don’t have to have any unique skill to be successful, then you are wrong and let us explain to […]


Tips for Selling Your Art

By Donnie G. Henderson / February 26, 2018

If you are a new artist and you are making some very nice art and you think you can make a profit out of it, then the next step would be to learn how to do it. Selling art requires a lot of skill and experience, that’s why not every artist is rich. There are […]


Easiest Way to Sell Your Art

By Donnie G. Henderson / February 6, 2018

If you are an artist yourself or you just own some art and want to make a profit by selling that art, then you probably know that it is not easy to do it. Selling art has become more and more difficult because you cannot find people who can truly appreciate that art. If you […]



By Donnie G. Henderson / December 29, 2017

Skate’s Facebook Art Lovers Audience Report Saatchi Has More Fans Than Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Gagosian Combined The USA Ranked 1st, France 2nd, China 71st, Confirming Much Weaker “Grassroot” Art Demand in China Than Perceived Facebook is increasingly used by the art industry to reach and engage with its audience. Skate’s has observed and reported about […]