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Hello, and welcome to our blog, this is a unique place on the internet that we have created with the goal of sharing our ideas in order to save the art industry by creating a cryptocurrency that will be used millions of people on a global scale.

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Selling Art

Can be quite difficult for some of the new artists because people don’t appreciate art enough. If you have issues selling your art, we might be able to help you with some professional tips and tricks. Teaching people how to buy bitcoin to trade for art pieces is our main goal.



are becoming something that people never thought it would, it is reaching prices that are extremely high. What they essentially are is a virtual currency that people can use to buy items or pay for services. Decentralisation is the future and we are making sure we are ahead of the curve for the art industry.


The Blockchain

Is the largest software platform in the world designed for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. They are using the newest pieces of technology to create a much more sophisticated financial system in the world. Blockhchain will change the world, it's just a matter of time and industries such as the art industry will flourish.


In this part of our blog, you will have the chance to see some of the feedback that we have been getting from our visitors.


“I am an art lover my entire life, seeing the art industry slowly degrading is something that I really want to stop, and I truly think that this blog has the key to solve that issue by creating a unifying cryptocurrency.” David Jonas

“I have read all the amazing articles and I am very pleased to hear and see someone else who wants to save the art industry like I do. There are various educational articles that I found to be extremely helpful about art and also cryptocurrency.” Mark Peterson


“I couldn’t agree more with the people who run this blog, we have to do something in order to save the art industry. Something like cryptocurrency might be the answer to all the problems that the art industry is facing.” Sarah Parker

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