Proxibid (The Finest) Comments to Skate’s Art E-Commerce and Media Report, Winter 2014:

Proxibid is an active Marketplace with a presence across 15 different industries. The site saw 6.3M site visitors to its Fine Art, Antiques and Collectibles sales from August-October 2014. A significant portion of the traffic that hits, as well as, the auction catalogs for auctions in Fine Art and high-end collectibles, comes through the Proxibid portal, and is not direct traffic from


ATG Media Feedback to Skate’s Art E-Commerce and Media Report, Winter 2014:

The data from SimilarWeb does not in any way represent the growth we are experiencing on Our stats are as follows:

  • 3 month average users 403,628 (up 29% versus previous period which was 312,024)
  • Bounce rate 16.80% (down 9% versus previous period which was 18.37%)
  • Time on site: 11.22 (py 11.34)
  • Page visits: 21.80 (py 22.85)

The stats you quote do not represent the increasing success of in terms of number of auctioneers using the site and amount sold:

  • Average number of bidders: 209 (2% up versus 205 in the previous period)
  • Amount sold £7.3m per month (24% up versus £5.9m in the previous period)

To say we are ‘struggling to preserve’ our market position is not the case. In the last year we have had a minimal loss of clients and over 60 new clients join You refer to a ‘staggering 17% monthly average users decline for the three months period ending October 31 (compared to previous three months)’. This is just not representative of bidder activity on our site and our year on year growth in traffic.


Auctionata Wrote to Skate’s:

Auctionata did $11m net and $38 million in gross revenue in 2014 (vs 3.8m and 14m in 2013). Final number to be published in Jan. Not 100% sure if/how these results add up to the numbers published in the following quote:

„The world’s three listed art media companies posted $22.7 million in total sales in the first nine months of 2014[1], with Skate’s estimating their full year combined revenues of $32 million for 2014. This may not seem to be a lot, but is still a sizeable number in the context of the global art industry. In fact, this is at least twice more than the aggregate revenue of the world’s three largest online art trading platforms (Paddle8, Auctionata and Christie’s[2]).”

Skate’s Response to Auctionata:

Comments accepted – we did anticipate Auctionata revenue to be within $35-40m range for 2014 but did not realize net revenue would be so high, we were expecting it to be well below $7m. Thank you for pointing out this to us and letting our readers to learn your 2014 numbers so quickly and transparently, much appreciated!