By Donnie G. Henderson / December 29, 2017

Skate’s Facebook Art Lovers Audience Report

Saatchi Has More Fans Than Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Gagosian Combined

The USA Ranked 1st, France 2nd, China 71st, Confirming Much Weaker “Grassroot” Art Demand in China Than Perceived

Facebook is increasingly used by the art industry to reach and engage with its audience. Skate’s has observed and reported about this trend for a while, and here we take a deeper look into the geographic composition of the Facebook-using art-loving audience – welcome to Skate’s Facebook Art Lovers Audience Report. Here you will be able to find some much more detailed. And in-depth information about Facebook users who are dedicated to art. We have created this article using information from all around the world. Because we wanted to create a global look and not just a localized one.


Facebook, being one of the largest social media platforms. Provides a lot of art related pages and groups where people. With the same interests can interact and share their art with the whole world. That is the true beauty of Facebook. Connecting people from all around the world with all forms of art.

Exhibit 1 ranks the top 20 Facebook pages by the audience (fans) based on 100 global art-industry businesses tracked by Skate’s Art Media & E-Commerce and Skate’s Art Fairs reports. Kickstarter is a well-expected outlier, as the firm is much larger than its art-focused offering1. And there is no way to rank its Facebook art-interest-related audience only. The next two largest players are a surprise: Canvas-on-Demand (acquired by Circle Graphics from Café Press earlier this year) comes in second, sporting almost one million Facebook likes – a powerful sign of vanity-artists’ self-marketing power – while the Art Newspaper has the third-largest audience on Facebook due to its early adoption and consistent use of the platform.


Such early adoption and consistent use of Facebook can have remarkable effects – Saatchi Art (the low-end art-trading business unit of U.S.-listed Demand Media) has a larger Facebook audience than Sotheby’s, Christie’s. And Gagosian combined, thanks to very focused and clever Facebook marketing by originally VC-funded Saatchi. Facebook demographics also clearly match Saatchi’s audience better. Than audiences of the world’s top auction houses and galleries.


Exhibit 2 looks into where the art-loving Facebook audience resides. Our research shows that there are approximately 11 million Facebook users who like Facebook pages of 100 global art-industry leaders (including five “light art consumption” image-sharing platforms). With this audience residing in 117 countries and territories3.

The United States is by far the largest market for Facebook-based art lovers, with approximately 35% market share. China (ranked 71st on the basis of art-loving Facebook population) and Russia (27th) are not on the list of top countries largely due to prevalent use of their own social networks, with both China and Russia is among the few countries in the world where local social networks (Weibo, Renren, Vkontakte) have a larger market share. That said, China’s rank provides solid circumstantial evidence that the much-publicized emergence of China as the second world’s biggest art market is an overstatement made by Skate’s rival data providers based on often-unreliable Chinese auction market statistics.


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