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Skate’s, the global market leader in art business intelligence, tracks the art industry with up-to-date data and research, maintaining a specific focus on the art market (auction sales), art fairs, art e-commerce and the listed universe of art industry companies (Skate’s Art Industry Stocks).

Established in 2004 in New York, Skate’s pioneered fact based and data driven economic research of the traditionally opaque global art trade.

Skate’s owns and maintains Masterpieces Peer Group (Skate’s Top 10,000), an instant appraisal tool for the world’s most valuable art; publishes the world’s only investable art index (Skate’s Art Stocks Index); owns The International Art Industry Forum (a series of high level conferences bringing together a cross-section of industry practitioners, from gallerists and auctions house experts, to emerging leaders in e-commerce and insurance); and produces 10-20 standard and customized art industry research publications a year.

Heralded as “an essential resource for any art collector, art investor, or art marker professional,” the second edition of the Skate’s Art Investment Handbook was released in 2009.  Shortly thereafter, Skate’s was selected as the Art Investment Consultant of the Year at the SPEAR’S Wealth Management Awards.

In 2014 Skate’s became a subsidiary of ARTNEWS S.A., a global art media company dedicated to creating greater transparency in the art market by empowering buyers and sellers with unbiased and fact-based information. In January 2015 Skate’s was fully integrated into ARTNEWS S.A.’s New York-based subsidiary, Artnews Ltd, and now serves as a key business unit of Artnews Ltd.

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