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Established in 2004, Skate's Art Market Research provides high net worth individuals and institutional investors around the world with reliable and unbiased research supporting art investment decisions.

Unlike art dealers and auction houses, we do not derive income from selling or buying art and are focused entirely on enabling our customers to make well-informed art investment decisions using the research produced by our specialists.

Our success is directly linked to the practical use of information we provide to art buyers and sellers. Our aim is to excel in the field, becoming over time as central a resource to the process of art investment as credit rating agencies are to the process of extending credit.

Skate's mission is to develop and commercialize information tools and related services that will help shift the balance of power in the art investment world from intermediaries to art collectors, art investors and artists themselves.


Early Years

Skate's traces its origins back to 1992 when Sergey Skaterschikov, then a graduate student at Moscow State University, founded Skate Press - the first specialized financial information provider in Russia. Skate Press was the first company to introduce a stock index, corporate action data-feed, company handbook and capital market newsletter to the newly-born Russian capital markets.

In 1997, Skate Press had 35 employees and clear market leadership in the Russian financial information market when it was sold to Independent Media, the largest foreign-owned media company operating in Russia at the time. Independent Media was a great value-adding investor, and by the middle of 1998, its expertise and capital helped to reposition Skate Press as the most trusted and internationally recognized name for financial information about the Russian capital markets.

Following the Russian default in August 1998, the second incarnation of Skate Press emerged when the company's management team - led by Skaterschikov and a small group of angel investors - bought the business from Independent Media. The buyout team instituted a one-year turnaround plan based on the strength of the Skate brand and aimed to reposition Skate Press as a trusted supplier of financial information for fourteen key European emerging markets, including the EU accession states and Turkey.

In 2000, Skaterschikov and his co-investors sold Skate Press to data AG, a Vienna, Austria-based private equity company that was seeking to expand its footprint in the Russian and Eastern European financial information sector. In 2003, Skaterschikov re-acquired the rights to the Skate Press name when data was forced to liquidate many of its assets in the wake of the dot-com bust.

Art Market Research

In 2004, Skate Press set out on a new path and was reincarnated as Skate's Art Market Research with its mission aimed at providing high net worth individuals and institutional investors around the world with reliable and unbiased research supporting art investment decisions.

In 2005, the first edition of Skate's Art Investment Handbook was published in Moscow for Russia's fast-growing community of art collectors and investors. A year later, the first English edition of the handbook was published. At this time the company established its New York office.

In late 2009, McGraw-Hill released a completely updated and expanded edition of the book under the name Skate's Art Investment Handbook: The Comprehensive Guide to Investing in the Global Art and Art Services Market.

In March 2010, Skate's Art Market Research joined with BMP's, Brant Art Media in forming a new venture, Skate's LLC. At the same time, Art in America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Brant Art Media, entered into a long term strategic marketing and services alliance with Skate's LLC.

In January 2012 Skate's Art Market Research became the fully owned subsidiary of Next Edition Partners GmbH, the Vienna based art industry group that among other assets had 70% ownership interest in Viennafair, the contemporary art fair in Vienna, Austria.

In September 2013, 100% of Skate's LLC has been acquired from Next Edition Partners GmbH by Skate Capital, the investment vehicle of original founder of Skate's LLC, Sergey Skaterschikov.

In February 2014, 100% of Skate's LLC has been acquired by Warsaw listed Abbey House Group.

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