Skate’s Top 1000

Skate's Art Market Research has developed Skate's Top 1000 – a perfect peer group for the world's most significant art and our proprietary database of the world's 1,000 most valuable artworks based on publicly-reported auction prices.

Every significant work of art that appears on the market can be mapped against Skate's Top 1000, allowing one to quickly assemble not only a valuation range but also certain valuable data on liquidity and historical effective investment returns on similar artworks. On its own, Skate’s Top 1000 paints a fascinating picture of the world of art investment.

The entire database is free for registered users. Please use our registration form to apply for full access to Skate′s Top 1000.

Skate’s Top Artists

Skate's Top Artists rating covers the artists whose works are included in Skate′s Top 1000. Detailed information on all artists and their works in Skate's Top 1000 is available for registered users.

Repeat Sales

Skate's Index of Repeat Sales tracks the artworks in Skate's Top 1000 that have been returned to the auction market and found new buyers, potentially several times.

Currently, there have been only 255 repeat sales in Skate's Top 1000 (based on data covering the period since January 1, 1985). In other words, only 25.5% of the world's most valuable artworks have been sold more than once on the public auction market during the last 25 years.

Repeat sales create at least two price data points on a timeline, which allow us to extract valuable information on actual (effective) rates of return achieved by art investors on the basis of completed transactions. Skate's uses the Annualized Effective Rate of Return (ERR) as the metric of actual investment returns on art investments. The ERR reflects actual returns achieved from investment in art assets - net commissions paid to auction houses and before net VAT adjustments, personal taxes and ownership costs. All values are calculated in nominal rates and are not adjusted for inflation.

Based on Skate's Index of Repeat Sales, we have calculated the weighted average ERRs for Skate's Top 1000 by art period.

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